Tighter Jaeger integration and in-IDE pushes for updates

What's New – May 2023 - IMG 7522

We have a couple of exciting new features in the Digma IDE plugin this month.

Tighter Jaeger Integration

Jaeger now comes bundled with Digma to help navigate complex code based on observability!

Most insights and issues, as well as the Observability panel, will now display a Trace button. Clicking it will render a Jaeger interface embedded in the IDE to help understand the flow of control and piece out what happened.

jaeger integration with digma

If you’re unfamiliar with Jaeger, it’s a distributed tracing technology that lets developers see everything from the performance of each service call to the dependencies between services, as well as the metadata associated with each call, such as the service name, tags, and logs. Additionally, they can view detailed traces of requests across the entire system, allowing them to pinpoint bottlenecks and troubleshoot issues more effectively. Additionally, Jaeger offers insights into the overall health and behavior of the system, enabling developers to optimize performance.

For more, read Jaeger: An Introduction.

Digma Updates Via In-IDE Pushes

You’ll now receive a notification when a new version of the plugin or the Digma backend are available with a quick update link.

What's New – May 2023 - update pushes

To enjoy these new features, you must update the Digma plugin to the latest version.

Don’t have the Digma IntelliJ plugin? Get it here.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the Digma plugin — good or bad: Join our Slack channel.

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