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A runtime linter that lets developers quickly identify risky code, potential errors and bottlenecks in complex codebases

real-world insights
about your code

Analyze your code as it runs, and get powerful insights into errors, performance, and usage.

Find issues right in the IDE
Using runtime information, Digma’s continuous feedback platform lets developers quickly see how their code runs in the real world directly in the IDE.

Never worry you’ll break stuff
Digma lets you know which services use the code you’re working on, which might break if you make changes, and what you need to test.

Know what’s slowing things down
Immediately understand what’s causing bottlenecks and slowdowns in your code. With valuable data such as code execution times, scaling limitations, and N+1 query issues – you can quickly fix it.

Like it or not, it’s your code now
Whether you inherited code someone else wrote (including an AI…) or code you haven’t worked on in a while, it’s your problem now. Digma lets you understand it and start working on it fearlessly – no matter how large or complex.

Enhances your GitOps cycle
Pull Request feedback and code review annotation get way easier when your team integrates Digma into your GitOps cycle.

“We expect developers to own their code all the way to prod, but often they are missing the right insights. Digma takes a new approach by translating existing observability into practical insights developers can use to design and measure their work.”

Enhanced CODE VISIBILITY for Developers

Digma collects code runtime data using OpenTelemetry behind the scenes. It can also injest existing log traces and metrics.
This allows developers to effortlessly find problematic areas of code, pinpoint bottlenecks, prioritize errors that affect the end user, track down where a particular function is called from, and find out whether it’s being used.

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“For companies to achieve higher release cadence, many development and operations tasks must shift left. In this paradigm, Digma allows developers to own observability by using intelligence collected during the operations or post-development phases. This will help developers shape the SDLC processes to achieve higher levels of release cadence”

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