About Digma

Digma is the first Continuous Feedback platform. By emphasizing evidence-based methods and unlocking a new way of developing software, we set out to:

Empower developers to own their code

By providing developers access to key observability insights throughout the development cycle.

Ship production ready code

Continuous Feedback reduces the root-cause analysis time and helps detect issues earlier in the release cycle.

Close the information gap

Close the gap between developers and users by connecting directly to the code’s behavior in production.

Nir Shafrir

Co-Founder + CEO

Roni Dover

Co-Founder + CTO

Our Origin Story

We believe that understanding code, real-world requirements, and behavior is critical to making better software.

We feel that observability tools managed to miss what developers care about when writing code. Their focus is on dashboards, whereas we think observability should be integrated into the dev process itself.

Our goal is to create a dev platform for analyzing observability data for devs. Traces, logs, and metrics are great! But have zero impact if we don’t know how to apply them to write better code.

Join Our Community

Digma is the first Continuous Feedback platform built with the support of a highly engaged community of developers. Curious about how others are using Digma? Have questions or ideas as you start using it yourself? We’ll see you in there.