Digma is the first Continuous Feedback platform. By emphasizing evidence-based methods and unlocking a new way of developing software, we set out to:

Our origin story

After working at the heart of software engineering organizations for two decades, each of Digma’s co-founders are deeply aware of the highs and lows of development work. We have experienced first-hand the impact those challenges can have on developers’ morale and work quality, as well as on live environments, users and the company’s bottom line.

As the field of tools and technologies available to developers has rapidly expanded, we noticed a conspicuous gap emerging in the continuous feedback part of the development process. We found each other through a shared interest in filling that gap for the good of all software developers and businesses, and the idea for Digma was born.

Nir Shafrir

Co-Founder + CEO

Roni Dover

Co-Founder + CTO

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