We’ve quickly sailed past the holiday season just in time to report on a new batch of features in Digma.

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Continuous Feedback – In Testing

Tests matter. Beyond pass/fail the information tests can be priceless. With the latest update, we integrate observability with testing to provide a clear line of sight of the tests related to each asset – code, query, or client. This capability also allows developers to quickly launch tests in order to verify an issue has been fixed.

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Filter Observability Assets by Endpoints/Insights

Getting to the right data is super-important, especially when one of the issues of observability introduced is having “too much” data. With this feature, a first in a big UI change we are slowly introducing, developers can focus on assets related to specific endpoints or look for specific insights.

What's New - Feb 2024 - filters

More Insights about Your Code:
Query optimization

We’ve introduced three new insights! The Query Optimization Suggested insight detects database queries that are significantly slower than other queries of the same type, and make great candidates for optimization. The Code Nexus insight highlights areas in the code with numerous runtime dependencies, that should therefore be modified with care. Finally the Many Queries insight alerts you to an abnormal number of database queries being executed in a specific operation.

What's New - Feb 2024 - query optimization

Understanding Digma Continuous Feedback

Digma continuous feedback is an IDE plugin for analyzing code runtime data. It enables rapid development in complex projects by linting and detecting issues as they appear, highlighting possible risks in code, and providing code change analysis and context.

Why do developers need Digma Continuous Feedback

If developers can’t see how their code performs in the real world, they can’t make informed design decisions and assess the impact of their changes.

Digma lints common code smells and issues as you code

  • Error hotspots
  • Bottlenecks and concurrency
  • Query anti-patterns
  • Performance trends

For more info check out the Digma main repo
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