Code live view and insights are now visible in the Jaeger view.


Code Live View

Digma aggregates historical data about the code, in the latest release we’ve also provided a way to see more live feedback as well. The live view allows you to inspect any code location and see basic statistics as it gets called, comparing them with the baseline data collected so far. This allows you to visually spot any changes in performance or behavior as you make changes to the code.

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Insights visible in the Jaeger view

Using the integrated Jaeger view, developers can inspect a drill down to a specific trace. Now, additionally, you can also see specific insights in specific parts of the trace view and examine specific issues and insights whether in the code or outside of it.

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Getting insights faster

We’ve streamlined the processing flows, especially when developing code so that insights that Digma automatically collects using OpenTelemetry will appear more rapidly as you roll out and test your changes.

What is Digma

Digma is an IDE plugin for analyzing code runtime data. It enables rapid development in complex projects by linting and detecting issues as they appear, highlighting possible risks in code and providing code change analysis and context

Digma lints common code smells and issues as you code

  • Error hotspots
  • Bottlenecks and concurrency
  • Query anti-patterns
  • Performance trends

For more info check out the Digma main repo

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