It’s been another crazy month with many new features landing in Digma. The team has been working hard to hit many important product milestones.

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Notifications are rolling out…

Continuous Feedback is about getting notified automatically about issues found in your code. However, we want to be very careful about showing only relevant information, in context. This initial release will let you know when Digma finds the first interesting code insight about your code. Expect control and notifications to follow.

A Gif showing only relevant information, in context.

Automatic Local Engine install

The Digma Local Engine processes the OTEL traces which are collected by Digma to understand their significance to your code. To ease the process of getting Digma up and running we’ve automated its setup, update, and lifecycle management so you can get started easily and with as little hassle as possible.

Automatic Local agent install - we make colleting observability data easy

Understanding Digma Continuous Feedback

Digma continuous feedback is an IDE plugin for analyzing code runtime data. It enables rapid development in complex projects by linting and detecting issues as they appear, highlighting possible risks in code and providing code change analysis and context.

Digma lints common code smells and issues as you code

  • Error hotspots
  • Bottlenecks and concurrency
  • Query anti-patterns
  • Performance trends

For more info check out the Digma main repo

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