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Continuous Feedback

CF is a new development practice that completes the DevOps loop enabling shorter feedback iterations for developers.

Continuous Feedback - Continuous over Manual

Continuous over Manual

Continuous feedback needs to happen automatically, as the developer works, and cannot rely on manual processes or dashboard checks

Continuous Feedback - Insights over raw data

Insights over raw data

Raw observability takes too much effort to translate into something practical. An individual trace is not useful but analysis can reveal critical actionable insights

Continuous Feedback - Focus on code not services

Focus on code not services

Traditional APMs focus on the infrastructure and APIS, whereas CF is focused on developers and their code and code changes.

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We’ve curated a list of blog posts about Continuous Feedback concepts and practices. We also published a Coursera course.


Check out the CF repo for resources and links for free libraries and tools you can use to get started with Continuous Feedback.

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