Why Developers Need Digma

Developers introduce needless bugs and spend long cycles investigating why issues are occurring.

A New Way to Code

If you’re monitoring for issues you’re discovering them too late.

Today’s observability tools are built to detect service-level issues. Issues discovered that late in the cycle cause constant interruptions both to developer productivity and business continuity.

Issues are easy to discover and slow to resolve

Understanding the code component responsible for the issue and tracking down the root cause requires tremendous effort and expertise. Often APMs will give you clues about the affected service, but it is up to the developer to find the underlying issue.

Legacy code and distributed systems make it harder to introduce new code

Both modern applications and legacy systems present challenges to developers trying to introduce new features. It is difficult for developers to understand how the code works, to track down why things are failing, or to be sure the changes won’t break existing functionality.

Continuous releases require Continuous Feedback

Developers with no access to any feedback about their code changes face a higher probability of introducing production-impacting bugs. Increasing release velocity without the proper guardrails is only guaranteed to keep the team busy dealing with escape defects.

Digma provides our developers with access to insights and feedback about their code in production. This increases our team’s velocity and reduces production issues’ overhead.

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