Why Developers Need Digma

If developers can’t see how their code performs in the real world, they can’t make informed design decisions and assess the impact of their changes. By closing the loop between observability and code, Digma opens the way for a new method of development.

A New Way to Code

Continuous Feedback

Digma gives developers continuous access to evidence-based feedback, so you can continuously optimize and improve your code. You don’t need to be an observability expert or wait until there’s a production-breaking issue.

Code Ownership

As a developer, your responsibility for your code’s quality doesn’t end when you push it to production. To ensure you’re deploying your best work, you need to know how it will behave with real-world usage. Digma helps you feel confident and take pride in your ownership of the code.

Practical Insights from Experienced Developers

Digma is created by developers with years of hands-on experience providing practical insights about code smells and issues detected by observability. And, because Digma is an open platform, we keep growing our insight base as more developers use and contribute to it.

Digma provides our developers with access to insights and feedback about their code in production. This increases our team’s velocity and reduces production issues’ overhead.

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