Digma Quick Start
Guide for JAVA

Get Digma up and running

  1. Install the Digma IDE plugin 
  1. Run the following from the terminal/command line to start the Digma backend:

(You’ll need Docker and Docker Compose installed)

Linux & MacOS:

Windows (PowerShell):

  1. Then run:

Prefer to use a helm file? Check out these instructions instead:

Set Up Tracing

If you’re already using OpenTelemetry… 

  1. Add Digma to your collector: 

Modify your collector configuration file to add Digma’s backend as a target. For example:

  1. Connect Digma to your OTEL setup 

If you’re using automatic instrumentation, download the Digma agent extension:

Finally, add the Digma agent extension to your launch configuration, for example (adjust the path to the Digma agent JAR as needed):

Not yet on the OTEL train? No worries! 

  1. You can launch your JAR file with automatic instrumentation. First, download the OTEL agent as well as the Digma OTEL agent extension.
  1. Modify your run configuration to include the following parameters:


Get More Out of Digma

Check out our sample application to get experimenting right away!

To find out about adding environments, commit info, and other configuration options, check out the Digma instrumentation page.

New to observability? OpenTelemetry has extensive documentation explaining how to get started. [ Get started with OpenTelemetry ]

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